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  • Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber

    Programmable constant...

    Scope of application: The programmable constant temperature and humidity test box is suitable for the adaptability experiment of elec

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  • Walk-in high and low temperature test chamber

    Walk-in high and low ...

    The walk-in high and low temperature test chamber is used for the adaptability test of electrician, electronic product, and its origi

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  • Double-layer explosion-proof high and low temperature test chamber

    Double-layer explosio...

    I. Meeting the standard: GB/T2423.1-2008 (IEC60068-2-1:2007) Low temperature experimental method. GB/T2423.2-2008 (IEC60068-2-2:2007)

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  • Rapid temperature change test chamber

    Rapid temperature cha...

    The rapid temperature change experiment box is suitable for aerospace products, information electronic equipment appearance, material

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  • Three-box gas type thermal shock test chamber

    Three-box gas type th...

    The three-box gas-type thermal shock test chamber is suitable for high-low temperature impact experiments of air and aerospace, milit

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  • High and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber

    High and low temperat...

    The constant temperature and humidity test chamber can be used to test various data for heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resista

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  • Aging test chamber

    Aging test chamber

    Scope of application: This instrument can test the heat resistance of polymer materials (plastics, rubber, etc.) and electrified insu

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  • Xenon lamp aging test chamber

    Xenon lamp aging test...

    The xenon lamp aging experiment box uses a xenon arc lamp that can imitate the full sunlight spectrum to reproduce the destructive li

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  • Steam aging test chamber

    Steam aging test chamber

    The steam aging test chamber is suitable for aging and time-testing experiments of electronic connectors, semiconductor ICs, transist

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  • Vacuum drying oven

    Vacuum drying oven

    The vacuum drying oven is specially designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposable and oxidizable substances. It can keep th

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  • Electric oven

    Electric oven

    The electric oven adopts the new energy-saving and environment-friendly heating technology promoted by China. The electric heating tu

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  • Electronic moisture box

    Electronic moisture box

    Electronic moisture-proof box LTA-240BFD One: Appearance 1 External scale W598*D400*H1310mm Internal scale: W596*D372*H1148mm Humidit

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