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Steam aging test chamber

Steam aging test chamber

Product Details

The steam aging test chamber is suitable for electronic connectors, semiconductor ICs, transistors, diodes, liquid crystal LCDs, chip resistors and capacitors, component industries, electronic components, metal pins, soldering before the experiment, aging, accelerated life test, semiconductor, passive Assembly and part pin oxidation experiments. Computer temperature controller, LED digital display, PID+SSR control, gold resistance temperature sensor (PT-100), resolution 0.1 °C, active safety protection equipment.

1. All stainless steel SUS#304 is made, the operation setting is simple;

2. Control function: PID+SSR, digital display;

3. Horizontally distributed straight heat exchange circulation system with multi-wing centrifugal air supply mode;

4. The amount of fresh air can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the wind part turntable can be disassembled or placed on the shelf.

5. With timekeeping function, you can set 999 minutes unlimited

6. With a digital watt hour and timer, it has a ventilation measurement function.

7. Fully automatic safety over temperature protection and air water shortage protection equipment.

1. The housing must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use.

2. It should be placed in a room with outstanding ventilation conditions, and no flammable or explosive materials should be placed around it.

3. No explosion-proof equipment, no flammable and explosive materials should be placed dry.

4. Do not over-extrude the contents of the box. It is necessary to leave room for hot air circulation.

5. The box table should be kept clean frequently. It should not be placed in a dry room for a long time.

6. An abnormal phenomenon occurs during use. Please plug in the power supply and get in touch with Dongguan Yuanyao in time.