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Established in 2007 , Guangdong Lijia Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Dongguan Precision Instrument Co., Ltd.) is an intelligent laboratory outsourcing service provider specializing in lithium battery, circuit board and quantum. The equipment is the mainstay, and it is in the leading position in the research and development of non-standard power environment warehouses. At present, related products have entered the supply system of Germany, Japan and Korea wholly-owned new energy enterprises.

Lijia has Dongguan Shijia Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in January 2013. It is jointly established by domestic well-known testing and certification technology experts and scholars. It is engaged in reliability testing, testing and verification of industrial and consumer products. A specialized company with a fair position.

Its main products are: simulated climate environment experimental equipment: large rapid temperature change test chamber, large thermal shock box, with load aging room (can show aging voltage, current, wind speed, brightness, etc.), high and low temperature laboratory, electricity Ice-covered laboratory, integrated environmental simulation laboratory, smog laboratory, integrated climatic environment simulation laboratory, low-pressure (high-altitude ) experiment, salt spray simulation laboratory, sand dust laboratory,   Controlled ecological life insurance system environment simulation, space environment simulation experiment cabin, plateau environment experimental cabin, environmental wind tunnel, engine experimental system, sunshine simulation laboratory, marine environment laboratory, rain and snow laboratory, vehicle environment laboratory; battery testing : battery flip test machine, battery over-fire test machine, battery wash test machine, battery short-circuit test machine, battery drop impact test machine, battery combustion spray test equipment, battery extrusion test machine, battery needle test machine, battery explosion-proof box, on fire Test box, drop test bench, vertical impact test bench, electric vibration test bench, Lijia construction area of more than 11,000 square meters, covers an area of 20 acres ( 120 meters * 100 meters), has the right to use for 15 years, put into use in September 17 The new venue can meet the demand for 1 billion yuan of capacity. It is located at No. 2 Dongke Road, Tongsha Dongcheng Science and Technology Park, Dongguan City . It is located at the annex of Dashao Exit of Guanshen Expressway. It is connected to Songshan Lake Avenue and Huancheng Road. It enjoys an advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation network. The company has a beautiful environment, surrounded by mountains and waters, and green trees.

Lijia has 98 employees, including 18 R&D personnel ( 2 doctors and 2 graduate students ), 28 technicians (all undergraduate degrees), and 52 other employees with college education or above .

Since the establishment of Lijia, it has been Japan TDK , Korea MOBIS , South Korea Samsung, Germany FEV , Beiqi, Guangzhou Automobile, Geely Automobile, Fuqi Yundu, Jiangqi, Dongfeng, Hezhong Automobile, Jinlong Bus, Waterma, Ningde Times New Energy, Pride, BBK, Shengyi Technology, five circuit boards, Xiamen Hongxin, Longji Silicon Solar, Easycom Power, Taiwan Delta Group and some military units have successfully provided a large number of solutions. And it has been recognized by Beijing 201 , Anhui Quality Inspection, Anhui Measurement, Yangtze River Measurement, Guangdong Quality Inspection and other quality inspection systems, and the products are also exported to Russia, Belarus, New Zealand and other regions.