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March 2007: Dongguan Lijia Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in Wanjiang;

February 2008: The company officially began production of constant temperature and humidity chambers;

February 2009 : Lijia obtained 6 patents including constant temperature and humidity chambers; the company moved to Wanjiang New Village to realize the dream of a single factory building;

May 2010: The company was recognized by the private technology enterprises in Dongguan;

May 2011: The company was recognized as a private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province; it won the Dongguan Innovation Fund Award;

May 2012: The company won the “Silver Award” for independent innovation of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association; and was recognized by the national high-tech enterprise;

January 2013 : The company was promoted to Guangdong Lijia Industrial Co., Ltd.;

April 2013: The company established its subsidiary “Third Party Testing Laboratory - Dongguan Shijia Testing Technology Co., Ltd.”;

November 2013: The company was selected as the first issue of Science and Technology Innovation magazine edited by Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation Association;

In April 2014 , the company's products were recognized and used by Samsung Group, Delta, and Shengyi, the international large enterprises; the laboratory was accredited by the national CNAS ;

April 2015: The company won the “Silver Award” for independent innovation of China Instrument and Meter Industry Association, 2015 Dongguan Innovation Growth Award

July 2015: The company started to launch the new three board listing project;

May 2016: Received the second prize for the scientific and technological achievements of the outstanding Jinqiao project in the simulation environment equipment;

February 2017: Lijia developed a constant temperature and humidity chamber with a uniformity of 2 degrees, a uniformity of 1 degree, a uniformity of 0.5 degrees, a uniformity of 0.3 degrees, and a uniformity of 0.2 degrees. In the same year, the company passed Intellectual property management system certification.

May 2018 : Lijia passed the high-tech enterprise certification for the third time and passed the ISO9001 audit for the third time and was selected into the national military product catalogue.