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Aging test chamber

Aging test chamber

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Applicable to aviation, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other fields, used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic and other products and materials after high temperature or constant test temperature environment changes.
The aging test chamber is used to test the wire, cable, insulator or coated rubber test piece to compare the tensile strength and elongation of the test piece before and after aging. The ventilation type aging test box uses the hot air circulation mode to promote the aging of the test piece, and the inner box is tightly sealed. The air box of the inner box is replaced, and the over-temperature automatic cut-off protection device is provided, which meets the requirements of the ul-1581 test.

This instrument can also test the heat resistance of polymer materials (plastics, rubber, etc.) and electrified insulating materials. It can also be used for aging and dry baking of non-volatile and non-flammable and explosive materials.

1, intelligent P. I. D thermostat (can automatically calculate), PT100 thermocouple sensor.

2. Temperature fluctuation ≤ 1 °C;

3, heater: solenoid heater, power: 5KW;

4, normal temperature ~ 200 ° C heating time ≤ 40 minutes;

5, temperature range: +20 ° C ~ +300 ° C;

6, high temperature protection function, automatic power off after over temperature;

7. High-density rock wool with good thermal insulation properties;

8, built-in circulating air system to ensure temperature uniformity: 1% (calculated as zui high temperature).

9, internal replacement gas system: change the amount of ventilation.

10, ventilation: 10 ~ 100 times / hour (adjustable).

11, timer: 999.9 hours can be set.

12. Inner box size: 500*500*500mm (W*D*H).

13, the outer box size: 630 * 670 * 1050mm (W * D * H).

14, built-in stainless steel turntable, speed 5 ~ 12 / minute (revolving disc detachable).

15, stainless steel liner, shell cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying; 16, glass observation window, internal view lighting can easily observe the test sample changes.

The aging test chamber adopts the advanced foreign heating airflow method to solve the congenital defects of the original rotary disc type temperature unevenness, and greatly improves the safety of the sample placement. The effective space utilization rate is more than 200% of the original rotary disc type, suitable for electronic Aging adaptability test of components, rubber parts and other materials at high temperatures. The new aging test chamber adopts LTDE programmable control system, which can be programmed to temperature-constant-standby according to the working temperature within the rated temperature range. After the operator sets up the program, the instrument works according to the program, and automatically shuts down after completion.

1. The base of the aging test chamber is welded by 8# channel steel mesh structure, which has strong bearing capacity and can avoid the bottom bump and cracking phenomenon;
2. The temperature control is accurate and the precision is high. Thanks to the unique air duct system design and electronic control system, the temperature uniformity of the whole room can be maintained, which is much higher than similar products;
3. The inner wall is made of 304 stainless steel, the outer box is made of high-quality color steel plate, the heat preservation medium is polyurethane rigid foaming, and has the characteristics of good light and heat insulation effect;
4. The positive pressure ceiling air circulation system is adopted, and the temperature uniformity and stability are high;
5, the system protection function is complete, can ensure safe long-term stability and trouble-free operation;
6. Beautiful appearance, convenient construction and short construction period.