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Electronic moisture box

Electronic moisture box

Product Details

Model: Electronic moisture box LTA-240BFD

The electronic moisture-proof box is used for moisture-proof storage of humidity-sensitive materials, such as electronic and electrical components, automation parts, communication components, metals, chemical materials, plastics, etc., defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB base board, electronics Chip ICs, semiconductor ceramics and polymer materials, materials that are particularly sensitive to humidity.

The electronic moisture-proof box uses moisture-removing and dehumidifying technology that can effectively reduce the original moisture in a specific capacity space in a space that can ensure airtightness, thereby achieving moisture proof, mildew proof, oxidation prevention, rust prevention, deterioration prevention, quality change, etc. Demand function.

1. External scale W598*D400*H1310mm Internal scale: W596*D372*H1148mm Humidity control scale: 20%-60% RH adjustable 2 cabinets are made of 1mm and 1.2mm high-quality steel plates, many structures are strengthened, and the load-bearing function is good. , overlapping structure planning, sealing function is excellent. It has anti-static function.

2, the surface treatment uses orange-grain paint, beautiful, strong corrosion resistance. Number of built-in laminates: 3 blocks. Each layer component is ≤25KG.

3, the door is set with 3.2mm high-strength tempered glass, anti-rolling ear structure planning. Integrated planning with flat pressure handle lock, with anti-theft function. The bottom unit is movable with brake casters for easy movement and fixing.

4, anti-static parameters: surface resistance 10 ^ 6 Ω -10 ^ 9 Ω; 6 bearing capacity per layer: 25KG, the overall bearing component: 100KG7 chemical absorption function of the aging: 12 years to 15 years, can be recycled.

5, LED super bright digital display, temperature and humidity sensor using the United States original famous brand honeywell, temperature and humidity appear independently, long life. Humidity can be set and has a memory function, no need to set after power off.

6. The humidity shows a scale of 0% to 99% RH, and the temperature shows a scale of -9 °C to 99 °C. Display accuracy: humidity ± 3% RH; temperature ± 1 ° C three: system host

7. The movement utilizes the cooperation skills of China and Canada (China, Canada) and uses imported moisture absorption materials. There is only one moisture-proof box with intelligent control system in the industry. Automatically determine the humidity inside the machine to determine working hours, save power and extend product life.

8. The main casing is made of high-temperature flame retardant material, which is a safety hazard.

9. After the power is cut off, the chemical moisture absorption function can still be used to continue dehumidification, and the humidity rise within 24 hours does not exceed 10%.

10 power supply: 220V50/60HZ

11 power: 40W

12 low-power planning, no moisture, no heat, no dripping, no noise.