Guangdong Lijia Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Brand declaration

For your sake, it is better for you;

Market positioning

Intelligent laboratory outsourcing service providers, integrating high-tech enterprises integrating laboratory planning, construction, CNAS and CMA accreditation consulting, equipment R&D, production, sales, laboratory data storage and management analysis. Third-party reliability testing, inspection and verification, and a specialized company with a third-party impartial status;

Business philosophy

Technological innovation leads the industry trend;
Advocating quality to shape the brand image;
Honest and trustworthy to create market share;
Meet customer needs after unpaid sales;

Central idea

We care for you with love...
We take care of your products with love...
We care for your beloved products with love and care...

Employee mission

Seek a long way to go;
Build useful words;
Offer practical advice;