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Three-box gas type thermal shock test chamber

Three-box gas type thermal shock test chamber

Product Details

1. The three-box gas-type thermal shock test chamber is suitable for high-low temperature impact tests of complete machines and parts of aviation, aerospace, military, ship, electrician, electronics, etc. and storage and experiment under high temperature or low temperature environment. For the user to speed up the experiment on the whole machine (or parts), electrical appliances, instruments, materials, coatings, coatings, etc., in order to evaluate the experimental behavior of the test articles or samples.

2, three-box gas-type thermal shock test chamber for electronic and electrical components, automation components, communication components, car accessories, metals, chemical materials, plastics and other industries, defense industry, aerospace, military industry, BGA, PCB base The physical change of the silicon chip, the electronic chip IC, the semiconductor ceramics and the polymer material, the repeated resistance of the material to the high and low temperature, and the chemical or physical damage of the product in the thermal expansion and contraction, can confirm the quality of the product. From precision ICs to heavy mechanical components, there is no need for an ideal test.

The three-box hot and cold impact test chamber is divided into two parts: the high temperature zone and the low temperature zone. The test samples are placed in the mobile basket. The unique heat storage and cold storage structure is adopted. The cylinder drives the basket to move up and down in the hot and cold water tank to complete the hot and cold. Temperature shock test

The three-box gas-type thermal shock test chamber is made up of a high-temperature heat storage tank, a low-temperature cold storage tank and a product test box. The products to be tested are placed in the test compartment compartment through the damper during the experiment. Switch to achieve the effect of agile high temperature and low temperature replacement temperature shock.

Three-box gas type thermal shock test box Features:

1. Large-scale colorful LCD touch dialogue microcomputer control system, the operation is simple and easy to understand;

2, the thermal shock test box uses the controller man-machine interface friendly, the program is convenient to set up, the abnormal and fault cleaning display function is complete.

3. Fully enclosed imported compressor environmentally friendly refrigerant, plate type cold heat exchanger and binary ultra-low temperature freezing system;

4. The test part can be tested by adding the load wiring to the test hole;

5. It can independently set the functions of three different conditions: high temperature, low temperature and cold and hot shock. When performing the thermal shock condition, it can choose the function of 2 slots or 3 slots, and has the function of high and low temperature test machine;

6, with RS-232 or RS-485 communication interface, can be connected to the computer for long-distance control, fast use;

7. It can automatically pre-cool, preheat and standby functions during the scheduled start-up time;

8, can set the number of cycles and the number of defrosting, automatic (manual) defrosting;

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14. Environmental impact assessment of electrical connectors and sockets for the EIA 364-32 thermal shock (temperature cycling) test procedure.