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Provide you with one-stop test box solution
A one-stop vacuum pump solution for you
National service hotline
12 years of professional manufacturing experience
Laboratory testing equipment strength manufacturer
  • Imported parts configuration
  • Seiko manufacturing per process
  • German technology, domestic prices
  • Meet customer needs after free sales
  • Has a number of national patents
  • Can meet the capacity needs of 1 billion yuan
  • Can be customized according to special environmental requirements
  • A single contract of 15 million, free to send technicians to the customer site for one year
Lijia Industry - skilled in technology
24-hour technical support and after-sales service for all products sold
Guangdong Lijia Industry 4 advantages
Guangdong Lijia Industry 4 major advantages
Provide you with high standards, personalization, advanced test chambers and first-class solutions
Intelligent laboratory outsourcing service provider focusing on lithium battery, circuit board and quantum
Professional agent vacuum pump brand products
  • The company's products are mainly based on simulated environmental reliability test equipment: constant temperature and humidity test chamber, aging room, salt spray room, thermal shock, explosion-proof rapid temperature change room and so on.
  • The non-standard power environment warehouse independently researched and developed by Lijia has a number of invention patents and utility model patents.
More than 10 years experience in simulating environmental reliability test equipment industry
More than 10 years experience in vacuum pump industry, superb maintenance technology
  • The core technology has independent intellectual property rights, and the software is Lichuang's original creation, with nearly 30 software copyrights.
  • The most competitive large-scale rapid temperature change test chambers, large-scale thermal shock boxes and dynamic walk-in high and low temperature boxes have been used in national testing centers, large new energy and vehicle enterprises, and have a high competitive advantage. .
Have a professional R & D team and production team
Have a complete lean professional services team
  • With a professional R & D team and production team: the company focuses on product development, with technological innovation as the forerunner. Relying on the R&D center, we insist on innovation and R&D as the fundamental driving force for industrial development;
  •  Strictly grasp the quality of production, strictly control the delivery of production, and strictly control the response time; there are 18 R&D personnel (2 doctors and 2 graduate students), 28 technicians (all undergraduate degrees), and other personnel with college education or above. 52 employees.
Strong pre-sales and after-sales service, capable of serving large enterprises
Strong pre-sales and after-sales service, with the ability to serve large enterprises
  • Has been for Japan TDK, South Korea MOBIS, South Korea Samsung, Germany FEV, Guangzhou Automobile, Geely Automobile, Fuqi Yundu, Jiangqi, Dongfeng, Hezhong Automobile, Jinlong Bus, Waterma, Ningde Times New Energy,
  • Pride, Shengyi Technology, five circuit boards, Xiamen Hongxin, Easy Power, Taiwan Delta Group and some military units have successfully provided a large number of solutions.
Lijia Partner / Partner
Guangdong Lijia Industry
Guangdong Lijia Industry - professional test box manufacturing and production experts
Established in 2007, Guangdong Lijia Industrial Co., Ltd. is an intelligent laboratory outsourcing service provider specializing in lithium battery, circuit board and quantum. The company's products are mainly based on simulated environmental reliability test equipment in non-standard power environment. The research and development of the warehouse is in the industry's priority position. At present, the related products have entered the supply system of the wholly-owned new energy enterprises of “Germany, Japan and Korea”.
Lijia has Dongguan Shijia Testing Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in January 2013. It is jointly established by domestic well-known testing and certification technology experts and scholars. It is engaged in reliability testing, testing and verification of industrial and consumer products. A specialized company with a fair position. Its main products are high and low temperature alternating test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, rapid temperature change test box, low air pressure test box, thermal shock test box, sand dust test box, rain test chamber, electronic moisture proof box, battery short circuit test. Machines, battery extrusion testing machines, battery burning test machines, etc., equipment sold in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Jiangsu and other places, but also exported to Russia, Belarus, New Zealand and other regions.
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