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Electric oven

Electric oven

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Electric ovens are widely used in high temperature baking, such as chemical and chemical, electronic products, aerospace, medical and health, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, hardware products, computer information services, furniture industry, printing products, etc.

The electric oven adopts the new energy-saving and environment-friendly heating technology promoted by China. The electric heating tube is heated by the power source to generate a heat source, and the inside of the oven forms a circulating air through the air blower to reach a uniform temperature, thereby achieving a rapid drying effect, shortening the production cycle, and saving Energy, and the intention to improve product quality.

The drying box body is made of angle steel and thin steel plate. The fiberglass insulation and insulation are filled between the outer casing and the working room. The heating system equipment is at the top of the workroom. The horizontal circulation ventilation makes the temperature inside the box more uniform. This type of drying box can effectively avoid the gradient temperature difference and temperature overshoot in the working room, and can improve the temperature uniformity in the working room.

1. Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of the oven, keep the appearance of the oven clean, and avoid the appearance of the paint stripping.

2, the oven should be often scrubbed to avoid corrosive substances adhere to the inner liner, affecting the service life of the oven.

3. The baking temperature must not exceed the specified temperature of the machine.

4. Do not block the air duct and the wind hole to ensure the normal air supply duct.

5. If you hear the sound abnormally during the baking process, stop the operation immediately and check the motor and the wind impeller to avoid burning the motor.

6. After baking the article at high temperature, the main switch cannot be turned off immediately. The fan switch should be turned on to allow the heat to be dissipated before shutting down to avoid partial deformation of the oven.

7, the electric control box should be regularly repaired, because the electric contactor is frequently turned on and off, timing replacement, in order to prevent the contact burnt and bite, can not cut off the electric heating power, the temperature rise in the furnace will burn the product.