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Raw materials for low-pressure test chambers and other methods of operation

Low pressure test chamber material

Inner box: inner pressure-type stainless steel case: hot-rolled steel plate (spray), shell-assisted pressure-bearing design? Insulation: high-strength PU foam resin and high-density fiberglass cotton


Air heater: nickel-chromium alloy electric heater; wall heater: stainless steel armored electric heater

Fan: magnetic coincidence drive axial fan

Compressor: semi-closed compressor, binary cascade, water-cooled (with automatic water flow regulating valve)

Cooling method: finned transpiration heat exchanger, ducted wall transpiration heat exchanger

Vacuum pump: mechanical rotary vane oil-immersed vacuum pump (with oil mist filter)

Pressure regulating valve: electronically regulated ball valve? Temperature sensor: T-type armored thermocouple? Pressure sensor: electronic pressure transmitter


Temperature regulation and humidity control method: BTPC flat constant temperature regulation method

CPU: dual 32-bit microprocessor

Visualizer: 6.4-inch TFT LCD display (640 × 480 dot matrix)

Low temperature and low pressure test chamber operation method

Program method

Program capacity: 20 programs, each program has at most 50 segments, and the cycle step has 99 cycles at the top, which can continuously set the scale.

Temperature -100~300°C: Pressure 0~100 kpa

Resolution: Temperature 0.1 °C Pressure 0.01kpa: Time 0.1 minutes

Communication function: RS-485 interface, with local and long-distance and PC communication functions (optional)

Control method: anti-integration full PID printing function: optional continuous micro printer? Curve recording function: with battery maintenance RAM, can save the temperature and humidity measured by practice: set temperature, humidity: and sampling moment: storage time 60 days (sampling period is 1.5 minutes)

USB function: the user can go through the USB disk, store/recall the setting program: the experimental curve data stored in the controller can be stored on the USB disk, and the experimental curve is displayed and printed by the PC.

Power supply: 380V 50Hz specification equipment: observation window, sample holder 2 sets, lighting, accumulator, power line 3M, micro digital printer, external pressure test interface, manual inflation valve

Safety equipment: leakage maintenance, motor overheat maintenance, temperature fuse, cooling water under pressure maintenance, sample over temperature maintenance, chiller overpressure maintenance, fan overheat maintenance

High and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber