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Teach you how to buy a rain test box

The rain test chamber is very popular among users because of its good performance, simple operation and low price. However, the production cost of this equipment is not lower than that of the general specification test box. If the manufacturer prefers to sell cheaper rain. If the test box is used, then it may be that the cost of some parts is reduced during the production process. For example, the spare parts or the used parts are used, although there seems to be no particularly big difference, but in the process of use. Experimental equipment produced from defective materials will become more prone to problems, and if it is severe, it may lead to shortened life of laboratory equipment or safety incidents.

Cleaning of the rain test chamber distribution room:

The rain test chamber is exposed to the environment for a long time. The exterior of the power distribution room, the power distribution board, and the water circuit will collect dust. When the air is humid, it will cause equipment problems. To ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment, please distribute the power every month. Clean the room once. (Warning: When doing this, please close the main power switch to prevent electric shock!)

Method: first close the main power switch, open the power distribution room cover, clean the dust of the electrical part with a vacuum cleaner (or soft brush, vacuum cleaner), cover the power distribution room cover, and tighten the fastening screws.

Concentrate on the quality of the rain test box, the quality of the rain test chamber industry and the after-sales service price are all mixed, and how can customers choose a suitable one in the rain test box industry?

The shopping malls for the rain test chambers are gradually expanding. When customers choose, the first thing is to know the quality of the products. Of course, the quality of the products varies from brand to brand, and the quality and price will certainly vary. For example, customers who are exposed to the rain test chamber can understand the materials inside and outside the box, the overall structure of the equipment, the location of important parts, and the level of waterproofing.

The second is to understand the after-sales service. No matter the quality of the experimental equipment, it is guaranteed that the after-sales service is required. The good service is to satisfy the customer and also bring the word-of-mouth promotion. It is also the key to building the brand, a good enterprise. Selling is not just a good product, but more importantly, a good after-sales service.

From the above two points, it is not difficult to see that in the rain test box industry, Guangdong Lijia equipment is worth buying, the quality of the rain test box and the after-sales service of the products are recognized by customers.

The rain test chamber is used to test the enclosure protection test and inspection of automotive lamps and signal equipment. Under normal circumstances, most users only need to purchase the national standard rain test chamber to be satisfied with the experimental requirements, but some users are also specialized. For the military industry to supply and develop products, so the requirements for testing will be more stringent. Moreover, it is only unable to satisfy the user's needs in simulating the raining environment. Therefore, the rain test box can simulate the environment such as rain, spray, dripping, etc. encountered during transportation and use, and the skill requirements of these environments are somewhat different. The place.