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Want to know what is a dust test chamber? look here!

The sand dust test chamber is suitable for testing the outer casing sealing performance of the product, and is mainly used for the test of the IP5X and IP6X grades in the standard of the enclosure protection level specification. It is mainly to imitate the damage caused by sandstorm weather to locks, automobile and motorcycle parts, seals, power appearance and other products. The device is suitable for testing electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycle parts, and seals to prevent sand dust from entering the seals and casings in a dusty environment. To check the performance of electronic and electrical products, cars, motorcycle parts and seals in the use, storage and transportation of sand and dust.

The outer casing of the equipment is made of cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatically sprayed. The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous. A large-area observation window and a manual wiper device are arranged in the middle of the box door, which can conveniently see the test condition of the test piece during the test. The main control instrument of the equipment adopts intelligent digital display control instrument. The main control instrument of the device adopts intelligent digital display temperature control instrument, and the operation mode of humanized planning is easy to learn and use, and the external operation of different functional levels is compatible with each other. The input selects the digital proofreading system, and the built-in common thermocouple and thermal resistance nonlinear proofreading table is accurate and stable. With positional conditioning and AI artificial intelligence conditioning function, 0.2 level accuracy, a variety of alarm modes. The device has punctuality. The equipment is heated by a stainless steel finned heating tube. The dust blowing cycle and oscillation period of the whole equipment are adjustable, and the chronograph of the total test is equipped.

The sand dust test box is used to check the sealing performance of the product. It is mainly in accordance with the IP5X and IP6X test methods, imitating the sand dust environment encountered during production, transportation and storage, so as to check the protective performance of the shell. . Nowadays, the effect of dust-proof test equipment on quality control has been paid more and more attention. Especially when some parts manufacturers supply related products to large automakers, they must meet the relevant standard test requirements and press at the product planning stage. All relevant specifications are verified, and the problems can be solved immediately after the dust test equipment and other related tests find out that the company can create an aspiring product for the customer.

In the process of testing the sand dust test box, the operation of the sand dust test box may be caused due to power failure, operation error, etc. How to deal with the test problem without affecting the reliability and authenticity of the test results. Wuhan Test Equipment Co., Ltd. summarized several points regarding the treatment of sand dust test chambers.

First, the dustproof test box is not lit and the power is off: Check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, and whether there is a zero line.

Second, do not blow dust: check whether the blower is working properly or the fan is too small, check whether the dust is boring.

Third, do not oscillate: check whether the oscillation motor is normal.

Fourth, the sand dust test box should be handled by a special person, and the box and blower should be cleaned regularly, and professional personnel should be protected and maintained regularly.

5. In order to stably use the function and performance of the test box, the room temperature should be between 15 and 25 degrees, and the relative humidity should be less than 85%.

6. The distance between adjacent walls or objects. The ambient temperature of the installation site should not be changed drastically. 5. It should be installed in a place without direct sunlight. It should be installed in a well-ventilated place, away from combustibles, explosives and high-temperature heat sources. Equipment should be installed in places with less dust. It is possible to install the device close to the power supply.

7. The device is out of power: Check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, and whether there is a neutral line.