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Analysis of the product characteristics of the low pressure test chamber

High and low temperature low pressure test chamber is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high temperature (not higher than 30,000 meters or 45000 meters above sea level) and high and low temperature cycle test and temperature-high induction experiment for products (machines), parts and materials, high In the low temperature experiment, the test chamber can be used for the experiment of dissipating the experimental sample and the non-heating experimental sample. Regarding the experiment of dissipating the experimental sample, the heat dissipation power should not exceed the cooling capacity of the test chamber, because the cooling capacity is a dynamic value, which changes with the change of the temperature point.

High and low temperature low pressure test chamber Features:

1. Balanced temperature control system (BTHC), PID control of SSR, to maintain a certain pressure in the working room, and the use of intelligent digital temperature conditioning instrument for temperature display and control settings, it can be used for a long time.

2. New design, high-quality appearance, systematic extraction of the essence of advanced skills in Japan and West Germany.

3. Select the full capillary, active load capacity adjustment system skills, more stable and reliable than the expansion cutting system, so that the high and low temperature free conversion, setting, display more, the temperature rise and fall speed is fast, stable and uniform, saving valuable time for users.

Equipment features: high and low temperature low pressure test chamber series

The FA series is suitable for temperature, humidity, and height induction experiments on products, components, and other products and components such as data, electrical and electronic, and military.

It is also suitable for product quality testing and reliability testing, etc. It can also be used in other high and low temperature (humidity), low pressure related processing and testing processes.


The bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump is used, and the ultimate vacuum is high, ensuring that the equipment can operate stably and safely throughout the working range;

High-strength, high-reliability structural design - ensuring high reliability of the equipment;

The studio data is SUS304 stainless steel - anti-corrosion, hot and cold fatigue function, long service life;

High-density polyurethane foam insulation information - to ensure that the heat loss is reduced to small;

Appearance spray treatment – ensuring durable corrosion protection and appearance life of the equipment;

High-strength, temperature-resistant silicone rubber seal – ensures high sealing of the door of the equipment;

A variety of optional features (test holes, recorders, water systems, etc.) ensure the user's multiple functions and test needs;

Large-area electric frost-proof investigation window and built-in lighting – capable of providing outstanding investigation results;

Environmentally friendly refrigerants – ensuring that your equipment is more compliant with your environmental requirements;