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Several methods for preventing water alarm in high and low temperature alternating test chamber

High and low temperature alternating test chamber encountered how to do less water alarm

In the whole process of using high and low temperature alternating test chambers, is it possible to encounter such a problem? For example, high and low temperature alternating test chambers have similar problems such as low water alarm, over pressure alarm, load alarm, etc. I don't know what to do, and I am eager to help the authoritative experts.

I think that this kind of problem is not the common fault of machine equipment damage in the test box. It is difficult to perform manual operation such as calibration. Therefore, in the case of such a problem, you can use it without worry, because the processing method is very Simple, the rate is also fast, worried that it will damage the test. This time my company wants to interpret a problem with a deeper depth. If the dry bulb temperature tube on the upper right side of the personal studio of the high and low temperature alternating test chamber has water drops, it is used as a damage test. People are worried about this problem.

First of all, from the point of view of the problem, open the door of the personal studio will see so many spare parts on the upper right side, overheat protection device, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, dry bulb temperature tube, the normal order should be the same It is also impossible to remove the manufacturer with more overall strength to integrate the overheat protection device and the temperature sensor on a single controller. In the working room, the temperature sensor, the humidity sensor, and the dry bulb temperature tube are The ambient humidity sand cloth is suspended on the humidity sensor, and the bottom is immediately immersed in the dry bulb temperature tube. If the water drops down, it can be observed by opening the box door.

Next, people must also ensure that: 1 step is to check the waterway, check whether the water valve is too big, causing the water flow to be too full, and it is not necessary to immediately reduce the inlet valve. The fourth step is to check whether the hydrating time is too high, and the hydration flow capacity is excessive. The effect of the constant humidity test box is that the different humidity test chambers use the steam humidifier to have the humidifier fast. Into the alternating electric field cold and wet test in the warming section must be large for the specified amount of humidifier. Therefore, this method is widely used. The key drawback is the introduction of superheated steam into the tank, which increases the heat generated in the tank. Pay attention to the damage caused by the superheated steam system when designing the solution.

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