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What are the precautions for the rain test chamber?

The rain test chamber is mainly used for the storage, transportation and use of the test products in the rainy weather environment. It is mainly used for electronic products, lamps, electric cabinets, electrical components, cars, motorcycles and their parts. The product is tested in the climatic environment of raining, and the physical and other related functions of the product are tested. After the test, it is judged whether the function of the product can meet the requirements, so as to be used for planning, improvement, verification and inspection of the product. The rain test chamber is suitable for external lighting and signal equipment and car light enclosure protection, and can provide a variety of environments that mimic the electronic products and their components that may be subjected to water spray and spray experiments during transportation and use. In order to achieve the waterproof function of detecting various products. The rain test chamber is divided into many grades. Different grades of rain test chambers mimic different environments.

What should be paid attention to when wiring the rain test box:

1. When installing the power supply, it must be operated by a professional electrician;

2. Please confirm whether the capacity of the main switch meets the requirements of the equipment;

3. Please do not use another main switch with other power equipment to prevent the short circuit of other equipment and affect the normal use of the box rain test chamber;

4. Please connect the grounding wire (yellow-green line) of the rain test box to the grounding terminal reliably, so that the leakage switch can cut off the total power supply when the equipment leaks, and then prevent people from getting an electric shock;

5. Do not connect the ground wire to the neutral line of the power supply;

6. The power supply of the box type rain test chamber shall not be shared with other equipment;

7. Do not connect the grounding wire to the air pipe or water pipe.

Analysis of the use of the rain test box:

1. Before using the equipment, check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient. If the water is not in the experiment, it will not only affect the experiment, but also bring harm to the pump; Is the power supply normal?

2. After the sample is finished, be sure to clean the studio in time. After the running water is dry, wipe the equipment clean and ventilate, and thoroughly remove the water; the power supply should be used after each use. Closed in time.

I noticed these aspects when using the rain test chamber, which can reduce the machine filter of the equipment and improve the use time.