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Understand the working principle of high and low temperature alternating test chamber and other application scope

High and low temperature alternating test chamber is widely used in all kinds of circuit boards, instrumentation, PVC plastic steel, electronics, LED computer chips, LED, LED liquid crystal screen, electrical appliances, batteries, batteries, lithium batteries, electricians, optical fibers, LCD, crystal, Inductive, PCB, mobile phone, automotive, electrical, plastic and other raw materials and equipment for cold resistance, heat resistance, dry resistance test and quality control equipment reliability testing equipment.

The main components of the high and low temperature alternating test chamber are imported, with excellent functions, beautiful appearance and good reliability. It is an ideal choice for laboratory environmental testing equipment. It has a wide temperature control range and can satisfy various needs of users. Balanced temperature adjustment method, with stable and balanced heating ability, can carry out high-precision, high-stability temperature control, temperature display with digital, intuitive and easy to read, accurate and convenient. The high and low temperature alternating test chamber can adjust the temperature error value to satisfy your more accurate test conditions. The box door is equipped with a large-area observation window, and the test condition of the test sample can be observed at any time. In the refrigeration system, the condensation is selected by air cooling. method.

The high and low temperature alternating test chamber is also called constant temperature and humidity tester, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, constant temperature machine or constant temperature and humidity chamber. It is used to test the equipment and equipment in various environments and test various materials for heat and cold resistance. It is resistant to dry and moisture, and is suitable for testing quality of electronic, electrical, communication, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical, aerospace and other products. The temperature and humidity cycle test chamber uses the ambiguous algorithm, the new technology to control, actively adjust the cold coal flow, effectively take away the heating load of the tested product, so that it achieves an excellent effect.

High and low temperature alternating test chamber microcomputer servo control refrigerant flow, effectively reduce the heat and heat consumption, save more than 20% of electricity, select intelligent active conversion expansion system, actively adjust refrigerant flow according to load + intelligent electric heating power data value (%) Matching the temperature rise (load) active analog output power data output value. This plan can save more than 30% of electricity than traditional planning. The high-temperature and low-temperature alternating test chamber performs adiabatic expansion work, and the temperature of the refrigerant drops. The refrigerant then absorbs heat from the higher temperature object isothermally through the evaporator, causing the temperature of the object to be cooled to drop. This cycle is repeated and then the intention to cool down is reached.

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