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Application of electronic moisture-proof box in electronic chip manufacturing

The industrial grade electronic moisture- proof box is a new type of dehumidification cabinet, which has the function of moisture-proof and anti-oxidation. The electronic moisture-proof box has wide application in the production range of electronic chips. The influence of wet on the electronic production industry is self-evident, and the effect of electronic moisture-proof box The electronic production materials include IC, chip, TFT-LCD glass substrate, optical fiber K gold connector, bonding gold wire, leadframe copper material, PCB substrate and other materials that are susceptible to moisture absorption, oxidization, mildew, and semi-finished products are stored at room temperature. It is useful to remove water molecules in the material to avoid oxidation, deliquescence, mildew and the like. And the application examples of the electronic moisture-proof box in the electronic production range.

1. The electronic moisture-proof box can be used to prevent the wafer or the grain semi-finished product from being in an unsealed state, and the moisture-induced mildew of the TFT-LCD glass substrate stack.

2. The electronic moisture-proof box can avoid the oxidation of the metal part of the fiber K-gold joint, the Bonding gold wire material, the Leadframe copper material and other periods.

3. The electronic moisture-proof box can avoid the "golden finger" splashing caused by the explosive exhaust of the PCB substrate before the SMT patch.

4. Electronic moisture-proof box can be used to avoid the internal oxidation short circuit of IC (including QFP/BGA/CSP) integrated circuits and other components during storage, as well as internal micro-cracking, separation and delamination during welding, and external popcorn. phenomenon.

1. The principle of electronic moisture-proof box moisture-proof box: The electronic moisture-proof box adopts the principle of water vapor balance, that is, the water molecules in the air are constantly doing irregular high-speed movement, which will cause the water molecules in the air to have high density of water molecules. The diffusion of the ground direction density is low, and finally the density of water molecules in the air is uniform, that is, the humidity is balanced. The electronic moisture-proof box can store the items in a relatively closed and dry box to form a moisture-proof and anti-oxidation environment to avoid moisture absorption, deliquescence and oxidation. The electronic moisture-proof box absorbs water molecules through molecular sieves composed of high-efficiency moisture-absorbing polymer materials. After the memory action, the inner and outer doors are manipulated to perform moisture absorption and dehumidification cycles. After all, the water molecules in the electronic moisture-proof box are discharged to the outside of the cabinet. In the middle, the water molecules are always in a gaseous state, and no heat absorption and desorption process occurs. Therefore, the temperature inside the cabinet can be stabilized, and it is also called a constant temperature dehumidification cabinet.

2. Anti-oxidation function principle of electronic moisture-proof box: We all know that the occurrence of oxidation is inseparable from oxygen, temperature and humidity. In the case of high temperature and high oxygen content, oxidation will occur under normal temperature and high humidity environment. It is proved that when the ambient humidity is higher than 40% RH, oxidation will occur. When the ambient humidity is higher than 65% RH, the oxidation rate is accelerated, and the ambient humidity is lower than 30% RH. Most of the metal oxidation rate is slow, less than 10% RH, very Oxidation of less metals, electronic moisture-proof box is also based on this principle, under normal temperature environment, the formation of low humidity (below 30% RH) or even ultra-low humidity (10% RH or less), oxidation, moldy conditions are not The anti-oxidation function is complete.