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Take you to understand the structure and characteristics of the low pressure test chamber

The low-pressure test chamber is mainly used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, information, electronics, etc., and determines the environmental adaptability and reliability experiments of instruments, electrical products, materials, parts and equipment under low pressure, high temperature and low temperature alone or together. And together with the test piece energized for the measurement of electrical performance parameters, the overall combination structure is selected, the test box is from the front of the insulation box (pressure structure), the rear part of the refrigeration, vacuum unit and the test chamber The electrical controller (system) on the gate is composed of. The low-pressure test chamber is mainly used for the environmental adaptability and reliability experiments of the experimental workpiece under the action of low pressure, high temperature and low temperature single or simultaneous action, and the electrical performance parameters of the test piece are energized together.

1. The shell is cold-rolled steel plate sprayed or stainless steel, and the inner liner is stainless steel.

2. Insulation layer: ultra-fine glass wool and hard polyurethane.

3. Refrigeration method: compact refrigeration method (air-cooled condenser).

4. Refrigerator: Original French Taikang fully enclosed compaction unit.

5. Heater: Military and other stainless steel fin heaters.

6. Convection system: multi-blade fan, special motor for air conditioning.

7. Temperature controller: Digital intelligent temperature controller, temperature selection PT-l00 sensor.

8. The control cabinet electrical components are arranged reasonably, the wiring is neat, and the sheathed terminal blocks printed with the logo are selected.

9. Castel solenoid valve, Danfoss expansion valve.

10. High quality vacuum pump.

Product Features of Low Pressure Test Chamber:

◆Extensible APP mobile channel management

◆ Specially designed water ring type low pressure control technology to balance and control pressure efficiently.

◆Multiple maintenance equipment, equipped with wireless long-distance alarm device

◆ Modern planning ZUI new modular production skills, perfect control ability.

◆ Select LCD LCD touch screen, there is a problem with the menu, and the problem description shows the menu.

◆ Built-in radiation cover planning to ensure temperature uniformity in low air pressure.

◆Intelligent and efficient servo refrigeration flow control skills, energy saving, fast and gentle temperature.

◆ Equipment can expand long-distance service functions and provide machine education CDs.

◆Test program has intelligent power-off reset, active memory link, automatic origin start function