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Battery short tester

Battery short tester

Product Details

1. The remote control large current short circuit equipment is designed according to the specification requirements of various battery short circuit testers. According to the requirements of the specification, the short circuit equipment must meet the internal resistance scale ≤ 5mΩ, thus obtaining the large short circuit current of the experimental requirements; in addition, the circuit design of the short circuit equipment It must also be able to withstand the impact of high current, so we chose industrial grade DC electromagnetic contactor and all copper terminal and internal copper plate diversion. The wide copper plate effectively improves the heat dissipation, making the high current short circuit equipment safer and effectively reducing the experiment. The loss of equipment ensures the accuracy of the experimental data.

2. Experimental site requirements

This test has certain dangers. Please use the test room of the test to test and open the observation window in the laboratory to record the voltage and current data when the battery is short-circuited.

1. Power supply: 220V / 50 Hz, 1.1KW;

2. Scale: 500*500*900 (W*D*H) MM;

3, supporting high temperature box: internal scale: 550 * 450 * 550 (W * D * H) MM;

4, the total weight of the equipment: 150KG (left and right);

5, the impact voltage: AC 1kv / 1.2-50μs (peak) 1min;

6, can measure the battery zui large voltage: 100V;

7, DC response time: ≤ 5μs;

8, short circuit current: 1000A;

9, the internal resistance of the device: ≤ 5mΩ;

10. Action time: Pick-up time/release time ≯ 30ms;

11, action characteristics: cold state pull-in voltage ≯ 66% Us;

12, cold state release voltage: ≯ 30% Us, ≮ 5% Us;

13. Mechanical life: 300,000 times;

14, the number of electrical life: resistive load 50,000 times, inductive load: resistive load 60% le, 20,000 times;

15, working environment: temperature -10 ° C ~ 100 ° C humidity 10 ~ 90% no condensation;