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Structural features of rain shower box and other application areas

The inner bladder of the rain test box is made of 304 stainless steel plate, and the outer casing is sprayed with A3 steel plate. Large-area visible glass door for easy observation of the sample being tested in the test chamber. The bottom of the rain test box is made of high-quality fixed PU movable wheel, which is convenient for users to move. It has a 270 degree swing tube and a 360 degree rotary rod water spray device. Adjustable speed sample stage.

Analysis of the structural characteristics of the rain test chamber:

1. The choice of waterproof rotary joint is the key to the rain test chamber. This rotary joint can be used for long-term operation without leakage.

2. Stainless steel nozzle, the nozzle point of view and the distance to the sample can be adjusted.

3. Rotation frequency control, digital display, speed control motor adjusts the swing frequency.

4. The speed regulating motor adjusts the speed of the sample turntable.

5. Safety protection measures: When the control system detects the following protection equipment (single row) action, it should be able to actively cut off the whole system and be able to give an alarm.

6. Equipped with power inlet and waterproof and safety interface.

7. The equipment has a loop experiment control program, which can set the experiment on/off time. There is power on the turntable to the sample, and there is a time relay for supplying power to the sample. On the one hand, the sample can be turned on and off.

8. Working environment: The normal operating environment temperature of the equipment is 0 °C ~ +45 °C, and the others are general environment.

Analysis of the application skills of the rain test chamber:

1. Before using the equipment, check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient, because if the water is lacking during the experiment, it will not only affect the experiment, but also bring harm to the pump; Is the power supply normal?

2. After the sample is finished, it is necessary to clean and clean the working room in time; after the running water is dry, the equipment should be wiped clean and ventilated to fully remove the water; the power supply should be used after each application. Timely closure.

In the use of the device, I noticed these aspects, which can reduce the machine filter of the equipment failure and improve the application time.

Rain test box is suitable for testing automotive lamps, wiper performance, waterproof strips, locomotive exterior, industrial navigation system, missile fire tube, nose cone, radar cone top, aerospace industry rain-resistant experiment and electrical enclosure Waterproof performance to detect the water resistance of the product.

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