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Talking about the structural characteristics of the rain test chamber

    The waterproof and dustproof level of the pendulum rain test chamber reflects the ability of the sample to be waterproof and moisture-proof and to prevent foreign matter from dust. Especially for the harsh environment where there is high humidity or dusty sand in the special environment in the wild environment, the use of the product Functional or security has a huge impact. At present, the degree of protection is divided into 10, etc. The higher the degree of protection, the better the sealing of the product, and the stronger the ability to withstand harsh environments. The pendulum rain test chamber can be used to check and determine whether electrical and electronic product enclosures and seals can ensure good functioning of equipment and components after water testing or during testing. The equipment can completely imitate the external rain environment and fully reproduce the impact of the external rain environment on the product.

Pendulum shower test box structure features:

1. The housing shell data is selected from stainless steel plate hairline treatment, and the liner information is selected from stainless steel light plate;

2, large-area visualization of tempered glass doors, easy to observe the test sample inside the test chamber;

3. The bottom of the pendulum rain test box is made of high quality fixed PU movable wheel, which is convenient for users to move;

4, with 350 degree swing tube and 360 degree rotary rod water spray equipment. ;

5. Sample stage with adjustable speed;

6. The work surface uses stainless steel round brackets;

7. The stainless steel tube is used for the swing tube;

8, equipped with a water filter;

Structural design and equipment of the pendulum rain test chamber:

The pendulum rain test box is made of materials, processed by advanced technology, and the shell is made of imported stainless steel. The indoor sample holder and other accessory accessories are made of stainless steel or copper materials, which are reasonably designed and durable. Under the premise of complying with Chinese standards, the equipment is more practical and easy to control based on the stability of all aspects.

The pendulum rain test box is designed and installed with a swing tube with a radius of 400mm. It can make 180 degree reciprocating rocking. Together, the water controlled by a certain flow and pressure is sprayed through the nozzle on the swing tube, and the test sample is subjected to water test. The transmission equipment of the swinging tube swing is reasonable in planning, fine in manufacture and convenient in maintenance. The scrolling frequency and viewpoint can be adjusted and the operation is simple.