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How to extend the service life of high and low temperature alternating test chamber

    High and low temperature alternating test chambers must be used. There are many precautions in the process of use, and maintenance is often required, which can extend the service life of the test chamber. The following describes the precautions and maintenance of high and low temperature alternating test chamber

1. The water level of the water reservoir cannot be too high or too little before the experiment. If the water overflows the water trap or is too low, the wet bulb test cloth will not absorb water properly, which will affect the accuracy of the wet bulb. The water level will be about six full. The water level of the water reservoir can be adjusted to adjust the level of the water tank. It is necessary to check almost every two or three experiments, and always add water. The water can be replenished from the front water pipe, and the machine will alarm and stop working after the water shortage;

2. The high and low temperature alternating test chamber is equipped with a test hole on the machine side, which can be used when it is connected to the test line in the box;

3. During the test, the indoor light (LIGHT) switch can be opened, and the change of the inside of the box can be observed, and the internal change scene can be known through the window;

4. If the high and low temperature alternating test chamber is working below 0 °C, it should try to prevent the door from being opened. Because when the temperature is low, if the open door is easy to form the internal evaporator and other parts of the ice sealing phenomenon, especially the temperature is higher. The lower the situation, the more severe it is. If it is necessary to open it, the opening time should be shortened as much as possible.

5. When the low temperature work is completed, be sure to set the temperature condition at 60 °C for boring treatment for about half an hour to avoid affecting the measurement time or icing phenomenon of the next working condition;

6. The radiator (condenser) of the freezer should be regularly maintained and kept clean;

7. When the humidifier is filled into the water pipe, the remaining air must be completely discharged, so that there is no way to enter the water;

After the machine has completed the low temperature work, if there is no work at the sixth point above, it is also necessary to set the normal temperature condition (30±5°C) so that the temperature inside the box is normal temperature when the machine is stopped, so as to avoid the occurrence of low temperature inside the box. Icing phenomenon, as well as fogging of window glass;

8. In operation, unless it is absolutely necessary, please do not open the door, otherwise it may lead to the following adverse consequences:

It is very dangerous to get high temperature moisture out of the box;

The inside of the door is still holding high temperature to form damage;

High temperature air may trigger a fire alarm and malfunction;

9. Please note that the high and low temperature alternating test chamber must be grounded safely and reliably to avoid static induction;

10. Prevent closed and open the freezing unit within three minutes;

11. If the sample is placed in the box, please use the external power supply for the sample power control. Do not use the power directly.

12, circuit breaker, temperature over-temperature maintainer, provide high and low temperature alternating test box test products In order to ensure the operator's safe maintenance, please check regularly;

13, the correct equipment wet ball gauze, in order to ensure the correct relative humidity of the experimental sample;

14. It is forbidden to test experimental explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances;

15. Please read the controller manual and related manuals before operating the high and low temperature alternating test chamber.