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Whether the geographical environment of high and low temperature alternating test chamber is very important

1). Repeatability of geographical environment specifications

Each high and low temperature alternating test chamber will be used for multiple tests of the same type of goods, and the goods of the constructed project will be tested in different high and low temperature alternating test chambers, in order to ensure that the same goods are in the same The comparability of the personal test results under the geo-environmental test specifications as stipulated in the test specification must require repeatability of the geo-environmental specifications issued by the high-low temperature alternating test chamber. In addition, the high-low temperature alternating test chamber is used in the same manner as the requirements of the same test specification for the ground stress level of the tested product. The repeatability of the geographical environment norms issued by the high and low temperature alternating test chambers is guaranteed by the metrological verification enterprises in China according to the metrological verification technical specifications formulated by the professional supervision institutions in China.

It is required that the high and low temperature alternating test chamber can take into account the requirements of various performance parameters and precision index values in the technical specifications of metrological verification, and it does not exceed the time limit of the measurement period in the application time. For example, the use of a very common electric vibration table in addition to the performance parameters such as excitation force, frequency level, load professional ability, etc., but also less to consider the horizontal vibration ratio of the standard in the metrological verification technical specification, the instantaneous speed uniformity of the kitchen countertop, harmonic The wave distortion is waiting for your accuracy index value, and the operation period after each measurement and verification is calculated as 2 years. After passing the 2 year re-measurement test, it can be handed over.

2). Measure and control of the basic parameters of the geographical environment specification

The geophysical specifications issued by any high and low temperature alternating test chamber are not observable and steerable. I think it is convenient to limit the environmental parameters to the necessary tolerance and to ensure the reproducibility of the test specifications. Relative normative deviation requirements, and the safety factor from the test of the goods can not be less, which is conducive to avoid unnecessary damage caused by the damage of the goods under test due to the inconsistency of the geographical environment. Nowadays, the accuracy of the test of the basic parameters is not required to be lower than two-fifths of the allowable errors of the test specifications in various test specifications.

3). Exclusiveness of geo-environmental test specifications

Every time the geographical environment or reliability test is carried out, there are often harsh rules for the variety, value and tolerance of environmental factors, and the environmental elements that are necessary for the test are less infiltrated, which is beneficial to distinguish and analyze after the test or after the test. When the goods fail and the mechanical failure measures are issued, the accurate basis is issued. Therefore, the high and low temperature alternating test chambers are required to be attached to other geographical environment stresses, such as electric vibration, in addition to the prescribed geographical environment specifications. The total rms value of the kitchen table surface leakage, instantaneous speed signal-to-noise ratio, and in-band out-of-band instantaneous velocity are often limited in the technical specifications of the metrological verification. Accurate data signal inspection, harmonic distortion and other precision index values are all new metrological verification projects to ensure the accuracy of the geographical environment test specifications.