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Cleaning tips for the rain test box

Test function of rain test chamber

Rain test chamber test duration: The test specimens are exposed for the duration according to the service life, but not less than the duration of the test procedures. With regard to specimens made of moisture-absorbing materials, the duration can be extended to reflect the true life-cycle test, and for the drip test of such specimens, the raindrop rate is also appropriately reduced. For certain equipment, the penetration of water and the resulting functional degradation is mainly due to time (the length of exposure) rather than the volume of water or the speed of rain/drip.

The exposed part of the test piece: the effect of wind and rain on the straight appearance is generally greater than the effect on the horizontal appearance. For rains that are straight or close to the straight direction, the effect is just the opposite. It should be able to fall or blow to the rain. All appearances are exposed under the test conditions, and the conditions should be rotated during the test, so that all vulnerable parts are exposed under the test conditions.

Several common cleaning tips for the rain test chamber:

1. Raining test chamber will accumulate a lot of dust after a long time in the power distribution room. If the time is long, it may cause the equipment to malfunction. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the exterior, water circuit, and distribution board of the power distribution room regularly. It is recommended to clean it once a month. It is important to note that the power should be sealed when cleaning to avoid accidental electric shock.

2. After the test, the water in the equipment will have an impact on the testability of the equipment if it is not scrubbed. At this moment, use a soft cloth to wipe, and do not close the door in time after scrubbing. The door should be opened and ventilated, and the door should be closed after waiting for a while.

3. Bearings and drive chains must be lubricated with oil every season.

4. Control the glass layer and the operation panel with a normal cotton cloth or a light scrub of the old package.

5. The nozzle inside the laboratory of the rain test chamber should be dried after each application, because the long-term stacking will cause the nozzle to block.

Rain test chamber architecture:

1. Control system: use programmable logic controller (liquid crystal display) to complete the time, viewpoint and sequence control of the whole system;

2. Select the stepper motor to control the viewpoint to ensure that the test runs according to the specifications;

3. The pendulum tube viewpoint is selected by PLC to drive the stepping motor (viewpoint arbitrary setting and display);

4. Flow display: high precision plexiglass rotor flowmeter;

5. Water supply system: water storage tank, booster pump;

6. Standard equipment: several nozzles, needles

7. Safety maintenance: maintenance functions such as leakage, short circuit, and motor overheating.

The rain test chamber is mainly suitable for external lighting and signal equipment and automobile lamp housing protection. It can supply various environments such as water spray and spray test which can be used to simulate the electronic products and their components during transportation and operation. Raining function of various products.