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The structure and characteristics of the low pressure test chamber

This test box is suitable for high temperature, low temperature, high temperature (not higher than 30,000 meters or 45000 meters above sea level), high and low temperature cycle test and temperature-high comprehensive experiment, high and low temperature test for products (machines), parts and materials. The test chamber can be used for experiments of heat-dissipating experimental samples and non-heat-dissipating experimental samples. Regarding the experiment of the heat-dissipating experimental sample, the heat-dissipating power cannot exceed the cooling capacity of the test box, because the cooling capacity is a dynamic value, which varies with the temperature point.

  Low pressure test chamber structure:

1. Balanced temperature control system (BTHC), PID control method SSR, make the working room adhere to a certain pressure, and use intelligent digital temperature conditioning instrument for temperature display and control settings, so it can be used stably for a long time.

2. New perfect shape planning, high-quality appearance, systematic extraction of the essence of advanced technology in Japan and West Germany.

3. It adopts full capillary tube and automatic load capacity adjustment system technology, which is more stable and firmer than the expansion cutting system, making the high and low temperature free conversion, setting and display more accurate, and the temperature rise and fall speed is fast, stable and uniform, saving valuable time for users.

4 equipment features:

4.1 The bipolar rotary vane vacuum pump is selected, and the ultimate vacuum degree is high, ensuring that the equipment can operate efficiently and stably throughout the working range;

4.2 High-strength, high-reliability structural planning - ensuring high reliability of equipment;

4.3 The studio material is SUS304 stainless steel - anti-corrosion, hot and cold fatigue function, long service life;

4.4 High-density polyurethane foam insulation material - ensure that the heat loss is reduced to small;

4.5 Appearance spray treatment – to ensure the long-lasting anti-corrosion function and appearance life of the equipment;

4.6 High-strength, temperature-resistant silicone rubber sealing strip – ensuring high sealing of the equipment door;

More than 4.7 optional features (test holes, recorders, water purification systems, etc.) ensure the user's multiple functions and testing needs;

4.8 Large-area electric frost-proof observation window and built-in lighting – can provide outstanding observation;

4.9 Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – Ensure that the equipment is more compatible with your environmental maintenance requirements;

5, temperature control

5.1 can realize temperature setting control and program control;

5.2 Full-process data logger (optional function) enables full recording and traceability of the experimental process;

5.3 Each motor is equipped with over-current (overheating) maintenance/heater setting short-circuit maintenance to ensure high air volume and high heating during operation;

5.4 USB interface and Ethernet communication function make the communication and software extension functions of the device satisfy the various needs of customers;

5.5 Selecting the world's popular refrigeration control mode, it can automatically adjust the compressor cooling power from 0% to 100%, which is 30% less than the traditional heating balance temperature control mode;

5.6 The key components of refrigeration and electric control are selected from world-renowned brand products, so that the overall quality of the equipment has been improved and ensured;

* Can be customized according to user requirements / custom use target / custom various optional features.