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The difference between constant temperature and humidity test chamber and incubator
- 2019-03-11 -

In the daily business work, I often hear the customer call and say that I want to purchase the thermostat. We have explained the basic technical standards of the thermostat, but the customer will tell us that the request is not this equipment. It is necessary to cover the humidity, but also has the function of low temperature. After careful confirmation, the final customer of Zui wants to purchase the constant temperature and humidity test chamber. What is the difference between the constant temperature and humidity test chamber and the constant temperature box?

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a humid heat aging test box with high temperature, low temperature and humidity functions. The main function of the equipment is to perform the functions of damp heat aging experiment, and also has its own high temperature experiment, low temperature experiment and other functions. The wet test chamber is an extremely powerful experimental equipment that has a wide range of uses in today's major industrial sectors, research institutes and universities.

The incubator is a test chamber from normal temperature to high temperature of 300 ° C. It has the functions of high temperature aging experiment and high temperature baking. During the temperature rise, the temperature is kept constant to detect and test the high temperature resistance of the test product. Perhaps by heating, to reach the intention of drying products, now the major industrial sectors, the special electronic components industry, is extremely widely used.

With the improvement of consumption level, people's requirements for constant temperature and humidity test chambers are getting higher and higher. More and more customers are willing to choose a constant temperature and humidity test chamber that is convenient, beautiful and fully functional. Nowadays, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber brand competition on the market is very fierce. All brands have made every effort to promote their own products to customers. The vast customers are really a little bit of sand in the purchase. So, how to choose a constant temperature and humidity test chamber?

1. Look at the processing ability of after-sales service and equipment failure. It is impossible for any one device to fail during use. If the user can enjoy timely maintenance service if there is a problem, it may be able to quickly determine the fault handling method according to the fault diagnosis of the device itself, so that the device can recover as soon as possible. , put it into use from the beginning. In this regard, users need to focus on consideration.

2. Equipment safety protection function and selection of parts

In order to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel and experimental samples, the safety maintenance function of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is particularly important. In addition, it is necessary to see whether the design of the humidity system and the circuit system of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is reasonable, and whether the wire is fireproof. The central parts of the electrical appliances, motors, lights, ballasts, etc. should be selected from the original imported manufacturers.