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How to choose a high quality sand test chamber

The manufacturers of sand and dust test chambers on the market are complicated and the prices are different, which makes many purchasing companies puzzled. So, what is the price of the sand dust test box on the market now? How to choose?

Xiaobian consulted some sand dust test box manufacturers , and found that the price of various sand dust test boxes is indeed very different. Some small brands of sand dust test boxes can be purchased for about a few thousand dollars, but the quality is not good; and some medium and high-end sand dust test box manufacturers, a sand dust test box is about tens of thousands. Why are these sand dust test boxes so expensive? A sand dust test box salesperson explained: "'One point for one price", the price of the sand dust test box depends mainly on the accessories it chooses, our products The accessories used are all well-known foreign brands, such as Omron, Schneider, etc., the cost is high, of course, the price is more expensive."

An industry insider said that the price difference of various types of sand dust test boxes was determined by various factors such as spare parts and production processes of various brands. At the same time, the person reminded customers that the sand dust test box is a durable consumer product and needs to be used for many years. If you have problems with low-end products, repairs can be cumbersome, so try to buy products with better quality.

Sand dust test box purchase precautions:

I. Determine the test specifications to be met and the detailed functions of the sand test chamber selected according to different specifications:

According to GB4208-2008. It should be concluded that the sample should conform to the test specifications of La, Lb, Lc, and then select the dust filter test box of suitable function according to the detailed requirements.

Second, the experimental office size selection:

The specification requires that the cross-sectional area of the experimental chamber working space should be at least 2 times larger than the cross-sectional area of the experimental sample, and the effective volume should be at least 3.3 times larger than the experimental sample volume.

Three. Experimental box detailed functional requirements:

1. The test chamber should be well sealed.

2. The test chamber should be able to monitor and control the sand concentration, wind speed, temperature and relative humidity of the instrument and other ancillary equipment.

3. The dust-laden air in the dust blowing chamber allows for an approximate laminar flow between the applied samples.