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Salt spray test machine

Salt spray test machine

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The salt spray test machine is also called the salt spray test machine. The salt spray machine is a kind of artificial environment three-proof series. It mainly simulates the destructive effect of the marine surrounding climate on the product formation. It is suitable for galvanizing, coating, electronic electrician, Industrial products such as zipper buttons are extremely useful.

1. The overall molding is welded by high temperature, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, and no leakage.
2. Tower spray system, equipped with salt liquid filtration system, no crystal nozzle, uniform distribution of salt spray, free adjustment of sedimentation.
3, the cover is made of transparent material to clearly see the test items and spray conditions inside the box.
4. The water seal structure is adopted between the cover and the box, and no salt mist overflows.
5. The line control board and other components are fixed at the position for easy inspection and maintenance. The door lock is used to open the door, which is not only beautiful but also convenient for maintenance.

First, the internal structure
1. Spray device: tower sprayer with built-in glass nozzle. The spray is guided by the tower tube and then dispersed by cone. After being evenly dispersed, it is diffused into the whole test chamber;
2, the amount of spray adjustment: increase the spray volume of the cone disperser on the spray tower, and decrease the spray volume when lowered;
3. Collector: The fine mist sprayed from the nozzle is settled in a free fall manner. One or several funnel cups with a surface area of 80 cm2 are built in to collect salt spray, which is condensed into water and then flows from the conduit to the metering cylinder outside the tank;
4. Heating the water tank: the water tank is attached to the bottom of the test chamber, and is used for water heating and keeping the temperature of the test chamber stable;
5. Shelf: Made of plastic steel, the single load does not exceed 2kg. If it is dispersed, it can bear the weight within 10kg. There are two rows of round holes on both sides of the rack. The storage bar is placed at a vertical angle of 15 degrees and 30 degrees. use.

Second, the external structure
1. Test box cover: house angle 110 degree perspective cover, which can clearly observe the indoor test condition;
2, isolated sink: use water to seal the lid to avoid salt leakage;
3. Metering cylinder: collect the spray volume of each test, each time 50ml is the highest scale;
4. Saturated air tank: placed at the bottom of the control box, made of SUS#304 stainless steel plate, which plays the role of filtration, heating and humidification, so that the purified air reaches the saturation temperature and humidity and then sprays to the nozzle. The saturator has automatic water supply. Features;
5. Pressure regulating valve: Manually adjust the intake pressure and spray pressure. The intake pressure is controlled at 0.3 mPa; the spray pressure is controlled at 0.07-0.17 mPa. (The above pressure has been adjusted before leaving the factory, under normal circumstances, users do not need to adjust)
6. Pressure gauge: The pressure displayed by the gauge pointer is the pressure when the air-saturated air bucket conveys the nozzle spray;
7, water tank: automatic or manual replenishment of saturated water;
8. Exhaust pipe: PVC hard plastic pipe with a diameter of 50. When the salt spray test chamber is working, the pressure caused by the spray is oozing out, and the excess water in the tank overflows.


1. Check whether the nozzle is blocked or broken when using. If there is, replace the nozzle (should keep one); check whether the nozzle position is aligned. If it is smashed, align the nozzle from the head; check whether the salt water tank or pressure barrel is Water shortage.

2. Check the gas path. If there is no gas at the nozzle, check if the gas pressure regulating valve and solenoid valve are damaged. If it is bad, replace it.