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Vertical drip box

Vertical drip box

Product Details

Rain test chamber: vertical drip box IPX12

This product is suitable for testing electrical products, enclosures and seals in a rainy environment to ensure the good performance of equipment and components. This product is scientifically designed to allow the device to realistically simulate a dripping environment.

Compliance: IP 1.2 standard

1. Inner box size (mm): 800×800×800 (depth×width×height) Inner box size (mm): 1000×1000×1000 (depth×width×height);
2, test bed speed (rpm): 1 ~ 10 adjustable (IP 1.2 standard turntable can be tilted 15 °);
3. Drip tank (mm): 600X600MM / 800X800MM;
4. The distance between the drip tank and the sample to be tested: 200MM;
5, drip hole diameter (mm): φ0. 4;
6, spray aperture spacing (mm): 20;
7, dripping amount: 1MM or 3MM can be adjusted every minute;
8, test time: 1-999,999min (can be set);
9. The box body adopts square pass to make the skeleton, and the tempered glass is sealed on all sides;
10, with a moderate round turntable (for sample use) adjustable speed, diameter: 500MM;
11, control system: color touch screen control system;
12, power supply 220V 50Hz;

1. The inner liner is made of 304 stainless steel.
2, outer box stainless steel 201
3, sample table configuration round turntable, adjustable speed

1. Power overload, short circuit protection
2. Grounding protection
3. Water shortage protection
4. Alarm message prompt
5. Working environment
6. Working voltage: single-phase three-wire system 220V 50HZ
7. Ambient temperature: 15 ° ~ 40 ° C
8. Relative humidity: <70%>

GB2423, 38-90, GB4706.32-2004 IEC-5129;