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Heavy hammer impact testing machine

Heavy hammer impact testing machine

Product Details


1. It is suitable for the fastness of plastics, ceramics, acrylic, glassy fibers and other materials and test coatings;

2. It is applicable to the determination of external impact resistance of various pipes (pvc-u water supply pipe, sewage pipe, low pressure water supply pipe, low pressure water pipe, core foam pipe, double wall corrugated pipe, pe water supply pipe) and sheet;

3. Suitable for hard plastic sheets.

1: The workbench can be adjusted up and down, with the sample automatically to the zero position, automatic lifting function.

2: It has anti-secondary impact equipment, which can automatically prevent the hammer from generating secondary impact by the elastic force of the specimen after the initial impact.

3: Improve the arrangement of induction brake motor drive and chain drive to improve stability and reliability.

4: Select plc as the control component, control the height of the hammer, and automatically detect the height of the hammer head, and the positioning is accurate. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and low failure rate.

5: The equipment can be automatically positioned, automatic zero position, automatic hammer lifting, automatic hammer grabbing after impact, high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation.

6: The standard polished rod is used as the guiding device, and the resistance is small when the hammer falls.

7: With safety equipment to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

The hammer impact tester test method is to adjust the steel ball with a regular weight to a certain height, so that it can fall into the impact sample and determine the quality according to the degree of damage.

The product meets the technical requirements of the industry standard jb/t9389 drop weight hammer impact tester and the test standards of China standard gb/t14152, gb/t14153, gb/t6112. The machine has automatic suction hammer zero calibration, manual lifting and other functions. The equipment adopts double column structure, which is safe and reliable.