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Squeeze needle test machine

Squeeze needle test machine

Product Details


1. This machine is suitable for all kinds of battery level simulations when the battery is subjected to kneading (such as compacting waste) when handling household waste;

2. This machine is suitable for all kinds of battery-level simulations when the battery is subjected to acupuncture (such as compaction of waste) when handling household waste ;

The battery impact kneading needle tester is a new device designed by the company. It is designed to save space and cost.

1. Perform a soft and hard short test on the battery or battery system under the simulated temperature and humidity (optional);

2. The short-circuit maintenance and over-current maintenance functions of the battery handling system can be tested;

3. Simultaneous real-time precision high-speed acquisition of the voltage, current and resistance of the battery and display and save in database and curve mode;

4, can switch different short circuit resistance;

5, can take the initiative to capture and save the test situation, long-distance control, fire and explosion protection, smoke filtering function;

6. The common short circuit design is stable and reliable, and has a long service life.