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Simple vibration table

Simple vibration table

Product Details

The LGL type vibration table is an electromagnetic type frequency sweeping table developed by Lijia to meet the market demand. It has the characteristics of low price, small size and simple operation. It is a cost-effective vibration table that is widely applicable to various industries.

1, stepless adjustment of amplitude, used to a variety of experimental requirements in different industries. With working time set, easy to use;

2. The control parameters are synchronized in real time without manual intervention. Stepless adjustment of amplitude, fixed frequency and frequency sweep operation functions are accustomed to various experimental requirements in different industries;

3, imported frequency controller, digital control and display frequency, PID conditioning function;

4. Embedded amplitude prediction program and simple amplitude modulation;

5, four-point synchronous excitation, uniform vibration of the table;

6, frequency control is accurate and balanced;

7. Add an anti-interference circuit to solve the disturbance caused by the strong electromagnetic field to the control circuit;

8. Environmental protection planning, ultra-low noise, equipment preferred in the production line;

9. Long-term work does not drift, no need to install anchor screws to maintain the floor;

10. The panel of magnesium alloy raw material can completely block the magnetic field disturbance and effectively avoid magnetization of the measured object;

11, simple shape, easy to operate;

12. Can be used in any field for related experiments;

13, strong anti-magnetic ability, low noise;

14, with a reliable dedicated regulated power supply;

15, the timing function can be set according to actual needs;

16. Safe and reliable maintenance function;

1. Vibration direction: straight (Y-axis up and down);

2, table scale: 500 × 500mm (can be customized according to customer requirements);

3, amplitude: 0-5mm (random, change with frequency changes);

4, sweep frequency: 1-600Hz can be set freely, the real specification back and forth sweeping zui large acceleration;

5, to achieve functions: frequency modulation, programmable, time control;

6, precision: the frequency can be displayed to 0.01Hz, precision;

7. Programmable function: 1-600HZ, 1-15 segments can set the frequency and time at will. Cyclic multiplier function (0.01Hz): 15 segments become multiples. Add 1 low to high frequency 2 high to low frequency 3 low. High to low frequency/recyclable logarithmic function (0.01Hz): 1 down to upper frequency 2 up to down frequency 3 down to up to down frequency -3 forms logarithm/recyclable vibration waveform: sine wave ( Half wave / full wave.