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Electromagnetic vibration table manufacturers

Electromagnetic vibration table manufacturers

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Electromagnetic vibration table LGL-500PXYZ

Electromagnetic oscillators are widely used in defense, aviation, communications, electronics, cars, home appliances, and other industries. This type of equipment is used to detect early faults, imitate practical conditions check and structural strength test. The product has a wide application scale, wide application range, and significant experimental results. Sine wave, frequency modulation, frequency sweep, programmable, multiplier, logarithm, time manipulation.

1. Select advanced and simple operation technology, fixed frequency, sweep frequency, program to switch at any time with time timing, countdown display function touch controller, easy to operate, handle the disadvantages of digital display operation, real-time synchronization of control parameters Appeared without human intervention.

2. The base of the machine is equipped with anti-vibration equipment, which is convenient in equipment and stable in operation. It does not require the embedded amplitude prediction program and amplitude modulation of the equipment foot fixing screws.

3, four-point synchronous excitation, uniform oscillation of the table

4, stepless adjustment of amplitude, fixed frequency and frequency sweep operation function to adapt to a variety of experimental requirements in different industries to increase the anti-interference circuit, processing due to the strong electromagnetic field on the control circuit disturbance curve display function, at any time to view the frequency waveform changes.

5, the curve supports direct export function.

6. The working direction is automatically switched.

1, the direction of oscillation: straight + horizontal + before and after

2, experimental load: 60 (KG)

3. Oscillator power (KW): 1.2

4, amplitude (adjustable scale mmp-p): 0 ~ 5

5, acceleration: 20g

6, oscillating waveform: sine wave

7, time control: any time can be set (seconds)

8, power supply voltage (V): 220 + 20%

9, current (A): 10

10. Oscillating table scale: 500*500 mm

1. Countertop raw materials: aluminum alloy plate.

2. The test bench is resistant to conflict and beautiful.

3, the internal vibration of the machine uses stepless speed regulation to control the rails, and it is used.

4, the control system uses a programmable program to control, can simulate the live realistic test.

1. When the time is up, the power supply device is automatically blocked.

2. Automatically block the power supply device when overloaded

3, with security warning light equipment